About Us

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This website was developed to provide information about SQL injection to students, IT professionals and computer security enthusiasts.

Our Goal

Without having the pretention to cover every aspect of the topic in depth, we intend to build quick reference for developers and create great source of information for anyone who might be concern or interested to SQL injection. Our goal is to provide information about this security flaw so that people involved in software development and maintenance can make informed decision about data security.

SQL injection flaws are present everywhere and they are frequently overlooked, sometimes ignored, even by highly qualified IT professionals. The lack of information about this topic has created a great space for this site to be created. In fact, the majority of documentation about SQL injection is really limited in depth because it is exclusively dedicated to beginners. Other documents are highly technical and are addressed to security consultants and/or hackers. This website tries to be a bridge between these two worlds by teaching basic guide lines and progressively moving to advanced techniques.

Related Topics

Some general computer security topics are also introduced in our articles since they apply to SQL injection problems and solutions. However, they are not extensively covered because the website focuses on SQL security flaws and covering general computer security principles would be out of the topic.


Your feedback about this website is really important to us and since new articles will be written in a near future, you are invited to send us suggestions about what you would like to be covered about SQL injection. If you would like to contact us for a suggestion, to submit a bug or because you think something is not explained clearly, feel free to use the contact form. We will reply to all messages received as soon as we can.